Teapot Tempest is...

A band from Minneapolis, Minnesota

playing our own Teapot Tempest original music along with select covers adopted to our unique approach.  Teapot Tempest formed in 2016 when a group of friends happily discovered a common mindset towards music and a wonderful/deep groove when playing together.  The band provided the perfect backdrop to feature Andrea's stunning vocals and our collective original material.  Performing live across many club and outdoor dates have solidified our Americana/Indie/Jam songs.

Andrea Geer: Vocals/Guitar

John Ibele: Bass

Mark Herendeen: Drums

Randy Wideman: Guitar

Contact us: teapottempestband@gmail.com

Honest, feel-good music...




Teapot Tempest original songs

Click 'Play' on the site player to listen to Teapot Tempest original songs:

I'm Not Low

Wide Awake

Love's Got to Take the Blame

recorded in Minneapolis by our friends at 8vbrecording